Iraq Transportation and Logistics Services

Iraq Transportation and Logistics Services

Iraq Transportation and Logistics Services

Iraq Transportation and Logistics Services

Road, Sea and Air transport to / from IRAQ

IMS Logistics is located in IRAQ and offering “Door to Door Delivery Services” with full knowledge of Iraqi market requirements by being close follow-up for customs regulation policies which are unstable and changing quite often.

No matter if you have small or big volume cargos from Europe or Far East, Middle East, USA and Africa we carry from all points to Iraq by offering fast, reliable and flexible logistics operations.

Eventhough it is a challenge for the transportation companies to operate their services in Iraq, thanks to our local offices and well-trained team, we run all complicated process into a smooth operation service. In Road Freight we provide our groupage (partial) truck services from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara in Turkey as well as from Germany and Italy warehouse in Europe. We perform our Iraq Groupage Truck services for our customers in a wide operational area. IMSAN Group deliveries the cargos Door to Door in All Iraqi cities whether Baghdad, Basra, Najaf or Erbil, Mosul and Dohuk. Apart from our Partial (consolidated) Truck Services, we provide Full Truck Services optional with direct or indirect trucks from whole Europe, Middle East and Nort African countries to Iraq mainly from Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries.

Beside Road Freight, by our Sea Freight Department we deliver your cargos from any point in the world to your door in IRAQ through Umm Qasr port or Mersin and other Turkish Sea ports. For Air Freight Cargos, no matter shipping your cargo from Chicago USA or Shanghai China, we deliver your cargo from any point to Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Suleymaniyah Airports with import customs clearance agency options.


Benefits with IMS Logistics in IRAQ:

  • Delivery & Clearance over all Iraqi territories by turning solutions “ON” via all Iraqi customs points in Kurdistan Region Central Government Region under DDP, DAP, DUP Terms etc..
  • Documentation follow-up for Local market and Ministry owned projects
  • Groupage (Partial) and Full Truck from/to Europe, Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia, Caucasus, Russia – Belarus – Ukraine To/From IRAQ
  • Solutions for your cargos which is required Import Permission, INTERTEK certificates for Medical and Medicine supplies, Dangerous Cargos as well as other kind of cargos
  • Express deliveries from Europe and Turkey by Small Vans
  • Short transit times options with feasible prices up to final destination in IRAQ
  • Local handling and close follow-up by our well trained staff that speak local languages of Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish and English. So we make the delivery Quick, Safe and Effective
  • Quick actions and solutions by our local office and connections inside IRAQ
  • 24/7 Customer Representatives


Main Delivery Points:

Transportation to / from Zakho - Dohuk - Erbil - Kalak - Shaqlawa - Soran - Akre - Kirkuk - Suleymaniyah – Bazian - Dokan - Altun Kopri - Makhmur - Mosul - Sinjar - Mosul Dam   - Samawah – Amarah- Kut - Hillah - Basra – Umm Qasr - Najaf - Karbala - Al-Fallujah - Baghdad - Ramadi - Baqubah - Khanaqin - Samarra - Kalar  - Baiji


Customs Ports We Give Customs Agency Services:

Customs at Ibrahim Al Khalil Customs – Bashmakh Customs – Haji Omran Customs – Safra Customs – Mehran (Zurbatiya) Customs – Shalamcheh Customs – Trabeel Customs –  Safwan Customs – Umm Qasr Port Customs – Baghdad Airport Customs – Basra Airport Customs – Erbil Airport Customs