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Project Transportation

Since the day of establishment, IMS Logistics provides special solutions in the field for each point and process required.

Especially after the war, IMS has served the best for Turkish and Foreign Companies for Construction and Contracting Services which had huge projects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkish Republics.

IMS aims to become the logistics partner of the industry and that’s why we have set up a specialist team with a reliable and very powerful network of agents over the world in order to take the precautions for all scenarios during the transportation. IMS finds solutions based on the needs of customer’s and consignment’s needs specifically.

We’re ready to handle your project shipments by our experiences with huge volume and Out of Gauge shipments in Road Freight or Break Bulk, Chartering and big numbers of container/truck shipments in Sea, Road and Air Freight.

It should not be forgotten that; Projects jobs are needed to have a good organization, experience and knowledge. You can trust IMS to ensure that your shipment arrives at the right time with safe and good conditions.

 Offered Services within the framework of Project Shipping: